Friday, March 25, 2011

Exploding Eggs with House of Broken Promises' Arthur Seay

House of Broken Promises' spectacular beard strutting, Les Paul Custom slinging, Arthur Seay shared a few words with me about their current adventure. With Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Prince as their road music the band has just finished rolling thru the Austin, Texas South by Southwest Music + Film Interactive (SXSW) and are heading to Hot Springs, Arkansas, then back to San Francisco and then home to Southern California. The guys had a great time in Texas where among lots of mayhem, they also battled the infamous 3 pound cinnamon roll from LuLu's in San Antonio (it's been on Man vs. Food) had exploding eggs and chicken fried chicken. Some of their memorable moments during SXSW included doing a live acoustic set.

Eddie Plascencia, Arthur Seay & Mike Cancino

Arthur let me know that the band name comes from all the difficulties they went through with their other band Unida after they were signed by Rick Ruben to American/Sony Records. He explained, "It wasn't anything that we did that was the issue for Unida getting screwed it was the classic Sony that loved us but Rick left Sony and went back Island Def Jam. Sony loved us and Island didn't care about rock." When I asked him what advice he has for up and coming bands he came back with, "I always tell players and bands it's the music "business" and you have to pay attention to the biz part of it cause that's what it is business. And you can't look at it as  "oh I wish we did this and did that" that bullshit that will eat you alive, shit happens deal with and learn from it and progress farther from it". Very wise words.

House of Broken Promises is now with Small Stone Recording out of Detroit and are happy to be there. "Small stone has been great to us. Scott Hamilton is a cool straight up no bs guy.  We work hard and so does he, cool thing about Small Stone is that he shops our music to television and film which is where the money is these days cause nobody buys cds anymore really. We have music on the Kardashian's, many MTV shows like Road Rules Challenge etc. We are  gonna get on Sons of Anarchy also", he divulged. YES!!! Things are looking good for this talented trio.

If you are in San Francisco on Friday, April 1st you can catch them live at MADHOUSE:

THEY WILL ALSO BE AT FAT CAT IN MODESTO on Thursday, April 7th:!/event.php?eid=114274118649933
AND AT BABYLON CLUB IN FRESNO on Friday, April 8th:!/event.php?eid=186027638106337

You can also find out more about them and their upcoming shows at
Facebook page:!/HOBPMUSIC
Myspace page:
ReverbNation page:!/houseofbrokenpromises

Flyer by Ron Crockett

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