Friday, December 23, 2011

Winter 2011 Hella Hawtie Crystal Allen

During the day you can find Holiday Hawtie Crystal Allen in the ICU unit. She's a tele tech and keeps watch on the monitors the patients are hooked up to. She chose the medical field because she enjoys helping people. She finds the intensity of working with the critical patients very rewarding. Crystal not only loves music but she's a major Raiders fan! This hawtie has what it takes to melt the frost!!

1. What are your top three favorite bands and why?

Black Sabbath- I have always loved them because of the amazing musicians and singers, and their songs have always filled my soul!! Pleasure to my ears!

Slayer- Pure raw talent... And all the aggression, I love it. Metal at it's finest!

C. O. C.- My slower chill rock with a great vibe, and Pepper's voice is dreamy to me.

2. What is the first concert you remember attending?

The first real concert I went to was Ozzy at the Oakland coliseum. One Hell of a first concert!!

3. What are your thoughts on the music scene?

The music scene today, metal seems to be making a much needed come back. But it's sad that so many clubs are closing down and the best ones already have. Total shame. But it's good to see so many new bands and so many of the old greats tearing it up.

4. What is the next show or few shows you plan on attending?

Being a huge supporter of Iron Fist Circle & Man Down, I'm looking forward to January 13th-Friday the 13th \m/etal \m/assacre (A benefit event for James Murphy), January 28th- Sacred Reich and February 4th- Exodus, Possessed & more. Also I can't wait for the summer festivals to come back around. Those are always the best.

5. If you could meet anyone and ask a question, who would it be and what would you ask?

Ozzy, Just would love to hear all the stories of his life and his musical road.

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