Friday, February 11, 2011

February 2011 Hella Hawtie Jill Abbott

Late last year we lost a very beautiful person, Jill Abbott. We were "Facebook" friends and I saw her at many concerts in the Bay Area. Close, long time friends Devin Walker and Gaby Chickering shared insights about Jill. Heaven now has one more angel but we will always have Jill in our hearts.

1. What were her top three favorite bands and why? 
Top bands Slayer, Pantera and third is real tough, it would have to be a tie between Black Sabbath, Down, BLS, Elvis & Johnny Cash.

2. What was the first concert she attended or the first show you two went to together?
First concert for Jill was Motley Crue back around 83. First concert for us was Slayer in San Diego ( south of heaven tour).

3. What did she think about the music scene?
Music scene, hard question to answer for her but I think she would say that she loved the music scene first for the friendships she had made in it and second for the music.

4. What was the next show or few shows she was planning on attending?
As far as next show I have no idea, she would often just pop up with hey such & such is playing tonight lets go.

5. If she could meet anyone and ask a question, who would it be and what would she ask?
If she could meet anyone and ask a question, now that's a good one, there are a couple, First would be Lucille Ball & what make up do you use & does Ricky take out the garbage?  Second would be Elvis & if he was her boyfriend would he take out the garbage? Third would be Johnny Cash & how high's the water Johnny? I think Jill is laughing as I am typing this saying I nailed it.

A great day for Jill was going and feeding the ducks, spending some time working on the garden with Slayer cranked up and going for a bike ride. She had a very innocent and silly side to her that very few people knew or saw, I so wish that I had video of that side to show people the Jill that I knew, she was very protective of who she was and only let people see a small part of herself, with all of the tragedy that consumed her entire life she would still look for the best in people and could find a way to forgive people that I could never understand. She was deeply religious and on a daily basis would tell me not to say the lords name in vain. She carried the same bible around with her from 12 years old on and would read from it every day while listening to Slayer.

She loved the water and when she was young had swam in competitions that she set records in that still stand today 26 years later unbroken by later Olympic swimmers, when she was 12 she became the youngest female to swim to Alcatraz (she did it twice)!

Many do know but many don't, yes she was in Motley Crue's Girls, Girls, Girls video (I think she was 16 at the time), she was also in a couple other late 80's early 90s MTV Vid's for a former guitar player of Alice Cooper, Cane Roberts.

Daily for seven years out of Jill's hang out room I heard no less then 8 hours of Slayer, Pantera, Down, Johnny Cash, COC, BLS, Elvis, Exodus, Vio-lence, Motley Crue, Danzig, Black Sabbath, Machine Head, Static X, Testament, and yes Ratt. Jill loved music and never got tired of hearing the same songs and bands over and over everyday.

Being friends for 16 years and then in a relationship for seven years we saw each other at our best and worst. No matter what happened between us we never stopped loving one another, I have so many fond memories of Jill that I wish everyone that knew her could have had.

There is so much more, but I could write a book about her, time to sign off with a quote from Jill's Myspace page that I'll never forget:
"WE NEED TO BE THANKFUL FOR EVERYDAY WE WAKE UP, AND ENJOY LIFE....we never know when its our last day. So be kinder to your family and friends. Dont live in fear of things you are not sure of. GOTTA KEEP ON KEEPIN ON"!

Jill & I had pet names for each other, she called me Fred & I called her Wilma,
Thank you for the forgiveness in your heart Jill AKA "Wilma"
Love you always, Devin AKA "Fred"
Jill & Devin in 2001


  1. Thank you Jen, Devin and Gabby. I also have to add what a big part of our family Jill was. For six out of seven years Jill spent all of the Holidays with us. We had great times makeing candy and walking around bundled up at night looking at the xmas lights up close and personal. She was a daughter to Jim and I and Jim would probably say she was his best fishing buddy. We spent alot of time on both of the boats we have and she loved every second of it. Going out at night to watch the fireworks, watching the blue angles fly, cruzing the bay or fishing. She was hilarious and kept you in stitches all day. She was by our side when Jim and I were sick and we were with her when she was. We took care of each other it is what familys do. We love her and miss her. Fly with the angles our beautiful girl.
    Mom and Dad Jarosch

  2. i can only say thee is one more ANGEL in Heaven now.. Jill was a friend of mine for over 20 yrs we were close friends for the 1st few of those yrs and then i lost touch with her as most of my friends from LA as i moved away and had a consuming life elsewhere. but she always was in memory,as in my heart and hearing the horrifc news of her passing was devastaing!Jill Always had a smile on her face and while throwin up "rock Horns" would proudly say Jesus loves you! and NEVER let you get away with saying "GOD" lol it makes me smile cuz she always would say "dont use the lords name in vain! meanwhile we were in the dressing room at he Veil hahaha Jill i miss u and love u and still cant believe this happened, and its even more of a tragedy that they havent found who did it or really know how or why it even happened!! i truley hope justice is served!
    Devin, i can only imagine your pain and i send special prayers to you as i know she didnt have much famly and you and some others she considered her family.... but prayers and blessing to all and for you beautiful girl,you will always be in my heart and memories : ) RIP angel .... you are missed more then you ever could have imagined!! love you, your friend ~ Julie(Marilyn/Angel)

  3. I wonder how much of a investigation was done following her death.