Friday, December 23, 2011

Winter 2011 Hella Hawtie Crystal Allen

During the day you can find Holiday Hawtie Crystal Allen in the ICU unit. She's a tele tech and keeps watch on the monitors the patients are hooked up to. She chose the medical field because she enjoys helping people. She finds the intensity of working with the critical patients very rewarding. Crystal not only loves music but she's a major Raiders fan! This hawtie has what it takes to melt the frost!!

1. What are your top three favorite bands and why?

Black Sabbath- I have always loved them because of the amazing musicians and singers, and their songs have always filled my soul!! Pleasure to my ears!

Slayer- Pure raw talent... And all the aggression, I love it. Metal at it's finest!

C. O. C.- My slower chill rock with a great vibe, and Pepper's voice is dreamy to me.

2. What is the first concert you remember attending?

The first real concert I went to was Ozzy at the Oakland coliseum. One Hell of a first concert!!

3. What are your thoughts on the music scene?

The music scene today, metal seems to be making a much needed come back. But it's sad that so many clubs are closing down and the best ones already have. Total shame. But it's good to see so many new bands and so many of the old greats tearing it up.

4. What is the next show or few shows you plan on attending?

Being a huge supporter of Iron Fist Circle & Man Down, I'm looking forward to January 13th-Friday the 13th \m/etal \m/assacre (A benefit event for James Murphy), January 28th- Sacred Reich and February 4th- Exodus, Possessed & more. Also I can't wait for the summer festivals to come back around. Those are always the best.

5. If you could meet anyone and ask a question, who would it be and what would you ask?

Ozzy, Just would love to hear all the stories of his life and his musical road.

For more info about the above upcoming shows go to:

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Having a Merry XXXMas with El Duce available thru Dr. Heathen Scum!

I just learned that Dr. Heathen Scum (Steve Broy) of The Mentors has copies of "Having a Merry XXX-mas with El Duce" CDs available. This is the greatest Xmas CD ever. Hear El Duce croon perverted versions of Jingle Bells (Jingle Balls), Frosty the Snowman (Frosty the Dopeman) and 3 others including the immortal White Christmas.

Spend Christmas this year listening to our Lord El Duce spread Xmas Cheer.

Order your copy today for 12 dollars, which includes shipping in the USA.

You can PayPal him at

You might also want to consider picking up at the same time these other cool releases also for stocking stuffers:

El Duce/ God, Heathen Scum/Masterpiece, Mentors/Ducefixion, Mentors/Over the Top, Mentors/You Axed for It, Mentors/Rock Bible, El Duce/Musical Pornography, Dr. Heathen Scum and Pungent Stench, Dr. Heathen Scum/Lady Killer and Church of El Duce/Devils Hand

He talks a little more about his CDs here:

For that very "special" Xmas gift, write to Dr. Heathen Scum at

Friday, November 25, 2011


Chris and Pete of Mudface photo by Piña Pix
Chris Dinsmore of Mudface talks about their new album "Anti-" available very soon.

HJB: Hey Chris!! Tell me about the new Mudface Album!!

Chris Dinsmore: Thanks Jenn! This is the band's first full length album. The ten tracks on this album were produced by Tim Narducci who recently produced Forbidden's latest album.

HJB: Do you have a name for the Album yet? When will we be able to hear it?

CD: The albums title will be "Anti-", the album will be released in it's entirety in early January, but we will be posting a couple of tracks in December on our Reverbnation, Myspace, and pages.

HJB: GREAT!!!! Let me know because I am soooo going to repost :):) Tell me about the line up for Mudface, I know it has gone thru some changes.

CD: AWESOME! Yes, Mudface was formed in mid 2005 by Ted Aguilar (Death Angel) and myself. We have gone through a few line-up changes over the years, but have finally settled in with the current line-up with myself on vocals, Rich Pia (guitar) Brett Crane (keys), Hugo Calderon (bass) and Pete Bostaph (drums). This current line-up has been together for about a year and a half, and really feel like we are beginning to hit our stride in our live shows and song writing. I really enjoy jamming with these guys.
Brett, Rich, Chris & Hugo Photo by Piña Pix

HJB: I saw you with Ted on guitar a couple years ago, you guys were great but the last show I saw you at was recently at Madhouse and I was speachless (I was uber excited)!! When is your next show?

CD: Thank you! Our next show is Saturday December 17th at Roosters Roadhouse in Alameda with The Venting Machine, Severed Fifth, Pride Subject (from Monterey) and Beneath the Surface. All really awesome bands. It should be a great night of metal.

HJB: Who inspired you to become a musician?

CD: Not to date myself, but my mom used to bring home 45's of all kinds of music. Early on for me it was Bowie, Black Sabbath, Kiss, and AC/DC. As I got a little older, it was Judas Priest and Iron Maiden; then I got real heavy into thrash metal. You name it I had it and still love it to this day. My current inspirations are bands like Pantera, Down, Fear Factory,Neurosis, God Flesh, Porcupine Tree, Cannibal Corpse, and Goatwhore. Damn I love all genres of metal.

HJB: Now that you shared that I can totally see similarities between you and a younger, fitter, Phil Anselmo on stage. What are some of the upcoming things you see and hope for Mudface? Do you guys have any touring coming up?

CD: We have alot of plans with this disc. We have just begun looking for management and a booking agent cause this rock-n-roll stuff is alot of hard work, and in order for us to do what we need to be doing, we need someone helping us take a little bit of the business end off of our hands. We've got some good people in our corner that are going to help us steer in the right direction, and we as a band are going to continue to work hard. We will continue to play locally as well as touring. There are some touring possibilities in the near future and possibly some overseas shows as well. We are keeping our fingers crossed. This band has a motto, "world domination nothing less". We may be getting older, but as long as we are a band we will always strive for bigger and better things. We bleed this music.

HJB: AWESOME!!! I'm being invited to the Rooster's show in another message right now. I can't wait. Is there anything else that you want to add?

CD: Mudface is coming at you like a battering ram on steroids in 2012. To everyone who supports Mudface or the scene in general, much respect and thank you for keeping local music alive. Those of you who sit behind a computer and don't get out and support the scene, you are missing out cause their is nothing like going to a live show, and their are alot of great bands in the bay area that would love your support. Thank you Jenn for doing what you do and being a long time supporter of the local music scene. See you all at Roosters in Alameda Dec 17th.

HJB: THANK YOU CHRIS!!! I will see you guys soon!!

You can check out more Mudface info here

Reverbnation page:
Myspace page:
Facebook page:

And you can catch them live at Rooster's Roadhouse in Alameda on December 17th

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Indian Summer 2011 Hella Hawtie Eliza Anne

Eliza Anne is even hotter than our Northern California Indian Summer AND she is a talented artist as well! She paints in various mediums but prefers acrylic. She's always been into photo-realism and likes being able to look at something and recreate it with a touch of her own flair. She tells me, "Painting is my outlet, and it allows me to share something tangible with the world. Nothing makes me more proud than completing a piece that other people enjoy." She is working on a new collection and we will keep you posted on when and where it's showing.

1. What are your top three favorite bands and why?

#1- Tool, hands down. I've always loved their music and I started going to their shows when I was 18. It's unbelieveable to me how much insane energy can be contained in one venue. It's mind blowing. I've brought friends to see them live who were not into the band at all, and they became loyal followers instantly. If we should be so blessed to catch another tour, I HIGHLY recommend everyone go.

#2- Tesla, My Dad, who has passed away, was a HUGE fan. I love rawness of Jeff Keith's voice, and pretty much everyone of their power ballads remind me of my parents dancing in the kitchen.

#3- Rob Zombie, There is just something eerily sexy about his music. This is probably why we have him to thank for being able to see strippers grind to something that makes you want to headbang- a refreshing departure to booty clapping to gangsta rap. Rob, you are a king :):)

2. What is the first concert you remember attending?

If I told you, I think I'd be denied enterance to the MADHOUSE shows and shunned by all my denim, leather, and stud wearing friends... sooooo, instead I'll go with the first show I remember seeing that is worth mentioning- Buckethead at Streetlight Records in Santa Cruz. It was more of an impromptu performance during a signing, but he turned it into a full blown show. He is beyond talented.

3. What are your thoughts on the music scene?

I'm proud to be a part of it. I think everything the ladies of MADHOUSE are doing to provide more opportunity for the musicians to be heard and followers to observe is outstanding. Metal isn't going anywhere, and it's great to be reminded of that on a consistent level. I love seeing the guys that have been shredding for decades sharing the stage with the ones that are just getting started. It's a relief to see that the younger generations are still picking up actual instruments rather that relying solely on production and auto-tuning. On a personal note, it's been beyond killer to see my boyfriend's band Hell Fire succeed so much from formation to the present within the local scene. The support they recieve not only from the fans, but the promoters, venues, fellow bands, etc. is incredible. It just shows how committed everyone is to keeping the birthplace of metal strong and ever-evolving.

4. What is the next show or few shows you plan on attending?

I'm really excited to see Saxon & Hatchet! I'm sure it's going to be a kick ass show. (And hopefully she'll stop by TERMINATOR afterwards!!!)

5. If you could meet anyone and ask a question, who would it be and what would you ask?

Lemmy. I'd ask if I could share a bottle of Jack with him. The man is the epitomy of a living legend. I'm a Jameson girl, but I'd definitely switch for the day if I got the chance to pick his brain.
King Diamond by Eliza Anne

Saturday, July 30, 2011

"OUT FOR BLOOD" Speed Kill Hate's thirst for thrash has left me SLAIN (in the best possible way)!

Dave Linsk (Overkill) + Dave Bizzigotti (Ripping Corpse) + Bob Barnak (Mr. Grim) + Tony Ochoa (Sindrome) = SPEED KILL HATE!! East Coast Thrash is still alive and as raging as ever. Dave Bizzigotti (bass) contacted me recently. After listening to their current album, OUT FOR BLOOD, I insisted that we do a Q & A along with Bob Barnak (vocals). I love the CD and these guys are pretty damn cool too!!

Hella Jenn Blog: How did you and Dave Linsk hook up?

Dave Bizzigotti: We knew each other in New Jersey....met through a friend many years ago.

Bob Barnak: When the band did the METAL CRUSADERS TOUR Tony hurt his back and couldn't play. I was jamming in Jerzee with a band called Mr. Grim. Our drummer was Jim Roe who through a few of his and Dave's mutual friends got the gig. He and Dave stayed in touch after the tour and when the old singer, Mario Frasca, and Dave decided to part ways Jim told him I may be what he was looking for. Dave flew me down to his home in Florida and the rest is history.

Dave Bizzigotti

HJB: How long did you guys work on Out for Blood? What are some of your favorite tracks and why?

DB: took forever.....had some pc issues and almost lost the whole record....Dave saved it but he had to start the mixes all over was nerve racking but it all worked out in the end. My favorite track is Mark of Judas then I'll say The Cleansing and Breeding Hate...

BB: Dave and I blasted out the lyrics and vocals in a week. A little tweaking here and there and after that I re-recorded parts of Stains of Callous with Jim Roe in his studio in Jerzee. Written in Blood is my favorite tune on the cd. It just gets me going every time I hear it.

HJB: Hammerfist Records is Dave Linsk's company. It seems very DIY, underground, not having to work with a label. How is that working out for you guys, what are some of the pros and cons?

DB: the cons...for me....things take a little longer and that’s about it....the pros....we control our own destiny.....=)=)

BB: Having to do everything ourselves is great. Labels just wanna hear about how much money you can make them. The business is what it is these days. No deadlines is the best part, we get to make music we love at our own pace.

HJB: (To Dave B.) Dave Linsk calls you "the glue necessary for keeping the recklessness together". What does he mean by that? Tell me about some of the recklessness.

DB: That's a tough one.....Dave and I work hard on sound and tone.....there are very few people like Dave that do......he will do what ever it takes to keep a nice clean guitar tone as will I with my bass tones....right now we have it dialed in very nicely so when its time for him to solo there is really no drop in the intensity.....I've learned alot with Dave as far as making your gear work live and in the studio....alot different from other guys I've worked with from back in the day were it used to be "this is my sound your work around me" I would say it's a combination of everyone working together and making certain sacrifices that keeps it glued tightly but I guess what he means is that's what a bassist does.

HJB: When are you guys gonna tour? When will you come to San Francisco?

DB: Looks like around January....I hope so....I heard great things about San Francisco...

BB: We are ready to destroy any unsuspecting victims at a moment’s notice. Anywhere,

HJB: Tell me something about Speed Kill Hate that you think the masses need to know. Why should they go get a copy of Out for Blood?
Bob Barnak

DB: I have something for the masses.....we started the new Speed\Kill/Hate record....can’t tell you what we are calling it but it will be a double record....=)=)

BB: We are vampires and if they don't buy OUT FOR BLOOD we will be out for blood.........

HJB: THANK YOU GUYS!!! I love what you are doing and I hella look forward to new stuff and seeing you live SOON!!!

You can get SPEED KILL HATE CDs on itunes and Amazon and also at their website here: 

Friday, July 15, 2011

ACRASSICAUDA-Make or Break It Tour 2011

Acrassicauda, the first metal band out of Iraq, is on their second part of touring the United States right now. I had an opportunity to talk a bit to the bass player Firas and later a video interview with Firas and the drummer Marwan. Their music is amazing as well as their courageous fight to get out of Iraq as seen in Vice Magazine's 2007 rockumentary Heavy Metal in Baghdad.

HJB: Hey Firas how has touring in the US been going so far for you guys?

Firas: Good but exhausting but I love it cuz this is what I want is to be on the road and meet new people and play my music.

HJB: Speaking of meeting new people, who are some of the bands you've been performing with? I imagine you have discovered some great ones. (By the way, the band who is supporting you in San Francisco is Yeibichai and it includes the former drummer of Death Angel-Andy Galeon, this will be so fun).

Firas: Well if I could say that every band that we have shared the stage with is great and playing with Yeibichai will be fun ..

HJB: Who are some of the bands who have been an inspiration to you?

Firas: Well as a band we have a long list of people and bands who have inspired us like Metallica, Testament, Slayer, Over Kill, Death and the list keep going cuz the more we live the more we see

Firas Alateef

HJB: Can you tell me something about your latest EP, 'Only the Dead See the End of the War'?

Firas: Wait a minute are we doing the interview now .. lol

HJB: Yes, ha ha! Is this okay? If you want to change your answers, too late! Just kidding. I thought it would be good to ask some questions now and we can do a group video interview on Friday too :)

Firas: Its ok, well this ep means alot to us but its not all what we had yet we have more coming and we can do the video later

HJB: I love the Garden of Stones video. What inspired this song? And tell me about the making of the video.

Firas: Well I will tell u when I get there

HJB: Okay. I saw the video of James Hetfield meeting 3 of you after a show. He handed one of you a guitar. Was that you? The look on your face is AWESOME :)
Marwan Hussein

Firas: The guitar was James' guitar and he gave it to our vocal Faisal Talal and that was one of the best times ever ..

HJB: His eyes were so big!! I loved it!! I can imagine how great that must have felt! Well I am very happy that you are coming to San Francisco! I hope you like our city!
Firas: Ya we r happy too that we will get to play in San Francisco and will love the city. I bet that we love the city from what I heard its a nice city

HJB: It's very foggy! I hope you guys will be warm enough. San Francisco and the bay area is the home to so much great metal, we are very glad to have Acrassicauda visit!

For more info about Acrassicauda please check out their facebook page: and myspace page:

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 2011 Hella Hawtie Jennifer Cecil

This Hawtie is originally from Vegas and she's our "Iron" Hawtie! Jennifer is a union iron worker, currently working on the Golden Gate Bridge for the maintenance crew. She absolutely loves her job. She shared, "I love the fact that I get to work outdoors, and knowing that I have a part in building America. I got into this trade because my dad has been an iron worker for over 30 years. He makes me proud."

1. What are your top three favorite bands and why?

 Joy Division - Has been a big influence throughout my whole life to this day. No matter what mood I am in, the music somehow relates to me.

Depeche Mode/The Cars - Because they remind me of my childhood, and all the great memories I have.

2. What is the first concert you remember attending?

The first concert I ever went to (not by choice) was Eddie Rabbit. The first concert I attented by choice was when I was 16; I saw Metallica/Suicidal Tendancies. I had such a crazy experience that I knew I'd be back for more!

3. What are your thoughts on the music scene?

I've always been big into the music scene, going to a lot of concerts and shows. I'm not as familiar with the local music scene, but I really want to learn more about it. I'm always looking for new places to see new bands and I love a variety of music.

4. What is the next show or few shows you plan on attending?

The next show I will be seeing is Reverend Horton Heat and Swinging Utters. This show is in July, in Santa Cruz. I'm also planning on seeing Drop Kick Murphys, in July.

5. If you could meet anyone and ask a question, who would it be and what would you ask?

I would like to meet Elvis and ask him why he let himself go. He was so attractive and charasmatic! Don't get me wrong, he was still a good musician even after he let himself go.....

LOL!! Thank you Jennifer! Here's a little Joy Division in your honor ;) 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

YEIBICHAI! Say that 10 times fast and maybe you will see the potential of Music with Andy V Galeon

Andy V Galeon (former drummer of Death Angel) took some time to share his current project, YEIBICHAI and his views on the power of MUSIC!!


HJB: Hey Andy!!! Great to hear you are jammin with YEIBICHAI (pronounced yay-beh-chay). What does Yeibichai mean?

Andy V Galeon: The name is Native American in origin, Navajo to be exact. Yei's are spirits, they connect Man and Creator, they control the natural forces on Earth, day, night, rain, wind, sun, etc. The Yeibichai is a talking God, who speaks to Man, telling him how to live in harmony with all living things, with a few rules of behaviour, while using only basic things for survival.

HJB: What brought you guys together?

AVG: We all gravitated towards one another through the medium of Music, with the intent of playing meaningful, heartfelt, yet aggressive and powerful Music. As you may or may not know, I have been a disciple of Music for a long time, as have the other members, Stephen Vincent Ezell-Vox, Jimmy Tomahawk-Guitars, and Tai Hake-Bass, we all come from different backgrounds and have different Musical taste, but what we bring to the table is heavy Music, with an organic and indigenous style, with nothing but respect for all that came before us, as in all the natural forces. We're not reinventing rocket science or building an indestructible machine, we're doing the opposite like using a drum to communicate, or using arrows and machetes instead of nuclear bombs.

HJB: I love the CD. Cactus Buttons, Badwater & The Ritual, I can feel the Native American ambiance just in the name of some of the songs. Do you have a song that has become your favorite or is especially meaningful to you?

AVG: Since all the songs are so different, each one brings out various forms of emotion, but Cactus, Badwater, and The Ritual specifically really ring true to me personally, but maybe that's because they took longer to internalize and learn! Haha! We're in the mode of recording all the spontaneous jams right now and locking in with each other which has come surprisingly fast. When all members are on the same page you really would be surprised how little verbalization there is between members. It's a nice change and one that I really needed in my Musical progression as a player. Who says Democracy can't work? If you don't stretch your boundaries then you'll never know what can be accomplished.

HJB: I love that idea!! I hope to hear some of that spontaneous jammin live soon!!!

To learn more about Yeibichai go to:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

April/May 2011 Hella Hawtie Donna J. Carter

Donna J. Carter aka She-Wolfe Presents Hawtie is so HAWT she needs TWO months ;). All the Hella Hawties are special to me but Donna is a distinguished Hawtie as she is not only one of my beautiful friends and confidantes, but she is also my business partner at MADHOUSE, a wonderful wife, an awesome mother, and most important, my metal sister. Thank you so much Donna for being everything you are!!

1. What are your top three favorite bands and why?

RUSH- Rush is my all time favorite. The music and the words have pulled me out of heartbreaks and break up and just empowered me that these are all “Experience through Extremes…”
I re-energize as often as I can by going to one of their concerts.. They got me and they really make me happy. My favorite Rush album is Hemispheres.
SLAYER- They represent a time in my life that always had Slayer playing in the background.. A killer Castro Valley party, a road trip to Fresno or LA to see them.. I love to listen to  them loud in my Jeep and watch the people look at me.. Also, it was our way of saying Hello and Good-bye… “Slayer". My favorite Slayer album is Seasons In The Abyss.
PANTERA- Pantera was the first band that made me groove.. I mean from jamming to a song, then…it just takes you there…erotically at times. I love that. Had a lot of killer fantasies running through my head while they were playing, that’s for sure. My favorite Pantera album is Cowboys From Hell.

2. What is the first concert you remember attending?
It was 1978, I was 12 years old and my mom and step-dad took me to see The Rolling Stones at the Oakland Coliseum. It was Mick Jagger's 36th Birthday and it was crazy! There were helicopters circling and dropping blow up naked lady dolls and a ton of neon painted ping pong balls with the Stones lips logo and KSAN Jive 95 on it. I had a bunch of them for years, but slowly they dissappeared.

3. What are your thoughts on the music scene?
Coming from the Bay Area, (and a native San Franciscan) I’ve loved the metal/thrash scene for over 20 years. I used to videotape bands and actually made a fun video called, “Thrashin’ the Bay” back in the 90’s. Someday, I hope to shorten and re-release it.
In 2009-10, She-Wolfe Presents… booked shows for a short time Brisbane’s Historical 23 Club, shortly after that, a friend introduced me to Al B. and we got along great. All we needed now was a tight team to manage this responsibility. This is all due to being at the right place at the right time with the right people… MADHOUSE was born. Ace Cook, Stage Manager/Sound Engineer, Jenn of the Hella Jenn Blog, as our Public Relations Liason and Al B. as our Security and PR rep. Suddenly, we have this dialed in venue that holds about 1,000 people and has a great patio area for our summer Sunday BBQ series shows.. And for all you HAWTIES out there.. We are holding a MADHOUSE calendar contest!!!
Contact us for more info:

Donna with Eddie Trunk of That Metal Show

4. What are the next few shows you plan on attending?
All Shows and Death Angel, DDP, RUSH, Slaughter by the Water 2, Mayhem & Project Independent.. to name a few.

5. If you could meet anyone and ask a question, who would it be and what would you ask?
It would be to Neil Peart...
Do you know how much you have meant to me..even before we shared the loss of partner, almost around the same time and how do you find time and energy to continue with the projects that are important to you, while knowing we are all mortal and we can go at any moment? Too deep? Well, this question is between Neil and I :)
Sorry fellas she's very taken

Sunday, May 1, 2011

HATCHET has Slaughter By The Water 2 Tickets at a special price for bay area metalheads!!!

To all you bay area metalheads looking for a deal...HATCHET has tickets available for Slaughter by the Water 2 on June 25th at The Craneway Pavilion in Richmond, California. 
They are giving special HATCHET fan prices 
and will even deliver them to you if you are close by!!!
Support local metal!! Get your SBTW2 tickets from HATCHET!!

Leave a comment on one of the official pages:

or you can leave a message for Julz Ramos 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Cat Club San Francisco, Thursday April 28th at Midnight!!

Come down to The Cat Club and have a drink and win some tickets to the June 15th Motley Crue, Poison, New York Dolls Show in San Francisco. Just show us your crazy rocking 80's Hair Metal dance moves and I might pick YOU!!

1190 Folsom Street at 8th, San Francisco, 9pm-3am!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"METALUSION" Glen Drover's new solo album!

I was able to enjoy Glen Drover's guitar skills live when he performed with Testament the New Year's Eve before last in San Francisco. What a great night!! And now he has a new solo album out, METALUSION on Magna Carta Records. This is what he had to say about it . . .

HJB: Congratulations on the launch of your new album METALUSION!! I love it but you have been hearing that ALOT. How do you feel about how it's being received so far?

Glen Drover: All is good. Reviews have been great so I'm very happy.

HJB: Tell me about the evolution of the album. Who are some of the people you collaborated with?

Glen: It started with an idea I had after leaving Megadeth. I wanted to do something more instrumental and dynamic. I spoke with a drummer friend of mine, Chris Sutherland about this idea and he was really excited about getting involved. Chris recommended Jim Gilmour from the band Saga for keys and a buddy of his, Paul Yee, who is an incredible bass player, I must say. We then started the whole thing by doing a few covers to see how we all sounded together. After completing the covers and being really happy with the end result, we then decided to make an album. We also had a few guests on the album: Jeff Loomis, Chris Poland, Vinnie Moore, Steve Smyth and Fredrik Akesson.

HJB: Which track is your favorite or the one that surprised you the most by the way it turned out?

Glen: Probably the first track, Ground Zero. I wasn't sure how that one would turn out. In the end, its one of my favs on the album.

HJB: [I'm listening to it now, it's my favorite also. I put it on at work when I want to block everything out, it takes me away, well alot of the songs do!] What were some of the challenges involved?

Glen: Thats cool! I would say some of the issues would be production. I'm very critical of that stuff. The mixing and mastering process, that is.

As far as recording, it was lots of fun. Working with great musicians just makes the whole process very enjoyable!

HJB: Do you have any plans on touring?

Glen: Not yet, but we all want to play! This lineup of players would be good live. We have a good chemistry. I'm sure something will come up for us very soon as far as playing live.

HJB: You guys need to come to SF right away :o). Do you have any advice for anyone who is thinking about trying to do a solo album?

Glen: Be true to yourself when you write . Don't be a follower. We have too much of that these days. We need artists to come out with something fresh.

HJB: Words of wisdom!! I read that you give online lessons? How does that work?

Glen: The online lessons have been great. Very simple process. All you have to do is download skype from It's free and super easy to use. You will need a webcam and a paypal account. Its $100 for four 30min lessons, which will happen the same time every week. For serious inquiries, email me at

HJB: How awesome would that be to get lessons from Glen Drover! Thank you Glen!!!

METALUSION is available now, go support your local music store and buy it!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Exploding Eggs with House of Broken Promises' Arthur Seay

House of Broken Promises' spectacular beard strutting, Les Paul Custom slinging, Arthur Seay shared a few words with me about their current adventure. With Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Prince as their road music the band has just finished rolling thru the Austin, Texas South by Southwest Music + Film Interactive (SXSW) and are heading to Hot Springs, Arkansas, then back to San Francisco and then home to Southern California. The guys had a great time in Texas where among lots of mayhem, they also battled the infamous 3 pound cinnamon roll from LuLu's in San Antonio (it's been on Man vs. Food) had exploding eggs and chicken fried chicken. Some of their memorable moments during SXSW included doing a live acoustic set.

Eddie Plascencia, Arthur Seay & Mike Cancino

Arthur let me know that the band name comes from all the difficulties they went through with their other band Unida after they were signed by Rick Ruben to American/Sony Records. He explained, "It wasn't anything that we did that was the issue for Unida getting screwed it was the classic Sony that loved us but Rick left Sony and went back Island Def Jam. Sony loved us and Island didn't care about rock." When I asked him what advice he has for up and coming bands he came back with, "I always tell players and bands it's the music "business" and you have to pay attention to the biz part of it cause that's what it is business. And you can't look at it as  "oh I wish we did this and did that" that bullshit that will eat you alive, shit happens deal with and learn from it and progress farther from it". Very wise words.

House of Broken Promises is now with Small Stone Recording out of Detroit and are happy to be there. "Small stone has been great to us. Scott Hamilton is a cool straight up no bs guy.  We work hard and so does he, cool thing about Small Stone is that he shops our music to television and film which is where the money is these days cause nobody buys cds anymore really. We have music on the Kardashian's, many MTV shows like Road Rules Challenge etc. We are  gonna get on Sons of Anarchy also", he divulged. YES!!! Things are looking good for this talented trio.

If you are in San Francisco on Friday, April 1st you can catch them live at MADHOUSE:

THEY WILL ALSO BE AT FAT CAT IN MODESTO on Thursday, April 7th:!/event.php?eid=114274118649933
AND AT BABYLON CLUB IN FRESNO on Friday, April 8th:!/event.php?eid=186027638106337

You can also find out more about them and their upcoming shows at
Facebook page:!/HOBPMUSIC
Myspace page:
ReverbNation page:!/houseofbrokenpromises

Flyer by Ron Crockett

Saturday, March 12, 2011

March 2011 Hella Hawtie Brynn Holland Soderlund

This month's LUCKY CHARM HAWTIE is Brynn Holland Soderlund. The daughter of San Francisco's metal scene staple, Sven Soderlund, shares her thoughts on music and how it has been such an important part of her family ❤

Brynn with Tim Alexander of Primus when she worked at Pirate Cat Radio

1. What are your top three favorite bands and why?   

The Mars Volta, they're one of those bands for me that when you listen to them you don't just hear the music you feel it. They are like a good acid trip, an exorcism or religious experience especially when you see them live. I think for some people they're an acquired taste, because they're known for all these kinda trippy sounds and have been known at times to write 12 minute long songs and unfortunately at times in the press been labeled prog rock, I think they're so much more than that. I think Omar and Cedric are amazing. They have great stage presence and they are two fine latin boys with fros that defy gravity. I think what separates them from most bands is the latin influence in there music.It's also because of them I discovered salsa music (which I love). I could go on and on about them but I'll just say this, there one of the few bands where I've listened to every album from beginning to end with no pauses. If you haven't seen them live go check them out, so you can get the epic awesomeness that is Mars Volta.

Faith No More is also one of my all time favorites. My Uncle Tony is the reasoning behind why I love them so much. One of the bands I remember being his favorites and him bragging about when I was growing up and blasting in the car or in the house was Faith No More. He had every album and I listened to all of them from beginning to end and loved them. Mike Patton actually has a very distinctive voice and can put out anything and it's awesome. I love anything he's involved with musically, Mondo Cane, Mr. Bungle, Peeping Tom, all that stuff he puts out on Ipecac (his record label) it's all great. For the longest time I wished they would do a reunion tour and play here and when I found out they were playing The Warfield last year I almost died. I was so happy. Me, my Mom, and Uncle went, (he had to come, of course). One of the highlights of the night was when Mike Patton did a somersault right over our heads and stage dived, I'll go on the record and say that was the best show I've been to in my whole life. Not that I thought they weren't gonna be awesome but if I had known they were gonna be as great as they were I would have gone to all the 3 nights they played there instead of just one. The whole thing was such a beautiful experience as cheesy as that sounds and I'm so happy my Uncle Tony was there to experience that with us. It wouldn't have been the same without him. He kinda of turned me on to them without intentionally doing it, thanks Uncle.

Last but not least The Horrors. I think I discovered them back in 05' or 06'. I was skimming through an issue of Rolling Stone and what caught my attention was a photo of this band. They have great style. There music sounds like a mixture of english punk, garage, 60's girl group, and new wave. I love them and I can't wait to hear there next album that comes out.

2. What is the first concert you remember attending?

Well technically I don't know the first concert I went to, beings I've been going to shows ever since I was still in the womb. My Mom remembers going to some shows when she was pregnant with me but probably doesn't remember the first one when I was in her stomach. Even after I was born I think my Mom took me to a show when I was a baby and she said that I started headbanging in her lap until I got tired and fell asleep [Sven says it was Morticious and My Victim at Morty's when she was 10 months old]. I think the first big concert I remember going to was KISS at the San Jose Arena. It was their reunion tour, I was like 7 or 8 so it was like 96' or 97'. I'm glad I saw them when I did because Ace and Peter were in the band. My Mom's boyfriend at the time, and my Uncle came with us, I remember them just sitting there drinking their beers being total party poopers, but me and my Mom, we had a blast. We got up and started dancing, it was so fun. We were all decked out, my Mom had totally made these outfits for that show. She wore this latex pencil skirt that she had made and wore these awesome Luichiny shoes. I remember wearing this little white halter top, my glittery silver skirt, my silver Doc Martens, Hard Candy Lipstick, and this silver body glitter my Mom painted on my shoulders. I think it was in honor of Ace Frehley that she dressed me like a little space cadet. I also remember going to see this band called Orange 9mm who were this post-hardcore band from New York with my Dad at Slim's and seeing Spike 1000 at this place called Transmission. I wasn't even old enough to be in that place but luckily my Dad talked to the manager and he let me in. I don't remember if those shows were before or after the KISS show, but yeah those are the first ones I remember attending.

Sven and Brynn, Then and Now

3. What are your thoughts on the music scene?

I think it's great, and it's one of the main reasons why I love that I was born and raised in San Francisco. There's alot of intertwining and six degrees of separation between the Rock, Punk, and Metal crowds in S.F. One of the things I love about the Metal crowd specifically is it has kinda this family feeling about it. How loyal people from these crowds are to the music. These people have been around playing in bands, promoting shows, starting festivals, doing radio shows, starting record labels, going to shows long before I even existed and they're still doing it. After going to Tidal Wave and Slayer at the Cow Palace last year it made me think of something Rob Zombie said about Metal culture in the documentary Metal: A Headbangers Journey, he said something like "it's so fucking huge and yet some people don't even know that it exists" when I saw all the people at Tidal Wave and that huge sea of heads at Slayer and to think there's so many people out there who love this music and have some how still kept it's integrity and somehow still stays an outsiders music is awesome. In some ways I feel very lucky to able to witness it and be apart of it from time to time. It's a feeling of being apart of something awesome and bigger than anyone can comprehend. I think thats what's so great about it and draws people to it. It's like one big dysfunctional family, but at the end of the day were all in it for that main reason that brings us all together in the first place, THE MUSIC. Something we all love, are loyal, and passionate about and we'll stick by until the end and keep music scenes like the Rock, Punk, ah hell we'll throw in the Salsa and Hip Hop communities as well just for good measure, and Metal in the Bay Area here and thriving.

4. What are the next few shows you plan on attending?

Deftones are coming in June at The Warfield, I'm definitely going to that. Raphael Saadiq, I've wanted to see him for the longest time, I'd like to check out Aloe Black. Black Lips are playing at Great American in June. I've seen those guys I think 2 times, there shows are crazy, as soon as they start playing everthing starts flying. En Vogue at Yoshi's, I've never been to the one in Oakland. Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. I'm sure I'll hear about a bunch of other ones, there's always a million shows I want to go to.

Being creative as usual

5. If you could meet anyone and ask a question, who would it be and what would you ask?

Ah man, that's a really hard one, there's so many people I'd love to meet alive and dead. First ones that come to mind are Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Faris Badwan, but what I would want to ask them I can't say cause my parents are gonna read this, hahaha! just kidding, I think my Mom already knows what I'd really want to ask them but my Dad, I don't think he wants to know. Seriously though I think I would ask Omar what he thinks drives him to put so much material out as he does and what his favorite salsa record is, and Faris if I could listen to his whole record collection, what's his favorite girl group song, and what kind of cheese he likes (I've heard he likes cheese) and what's his favorite dish so that I know what to make him when we get married. Others that come to mind are Vincent Gallo, Johnny Thunders. Some other interesting people like Aleister Crowley or Anton LaVey. Phil Lynott, Syd Barrett, Joey Ramone, various women in Rock 'N' Roll like Anita Pallenberg, Sable Starr, Cynthia Plaster Caster, and a million others.

Not only does Brynn enjoy music and salsa dancing but she is also an avid reader of Rock 'N' Roll biographies!! She also keeps a blog: 

THANK YOU BRYNN (we need to go salsa dancing soon!!) 

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Mark your calendars for June 25th!!! This is an event not to be missed!!!!
The hella jenn blog will be bringing you more information and updates as the date draws closer, so for now go to: to get your tickets!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Julz Ramos of HATCHET "Attack is Imminent"!

Julz Ramos of Northern California's Thrash Metal prodigy HATCHET gave us the latest on what's around the corner for these talented guys.

HJB: Hey Julz! How have things been going? What's going on with HATCHET?

JULZ: Things are actually going pretty well right now. We have some solid newer members, a good solid set of shows coming up for early 2011, and we've been working with some great people on getting the new hatchet material to some people that can actually do some things for us. So hopefully we get some things solidified here in the early to mid 2011.

We were stoked to share the stage with Heathen on Feb 4th and also coming up with Glen Alvelais' new band LD/50 on March 4th. Glad to be De-Christening the MADHOUSE and seeing it come alive into a metal haven.

HJB: We are all so glad too!!!! Thank you for being a part of it!!

So the first time I saw HATCHET was a couple of years ago at Thee Parkside in San Francisco. I assumed you guys were from the city, but when and where did you guys start? And tell us more about the newer guys.

JULZ: We first started back in 2006 as most metal bands do in a garage playing Metallica and Slayer covers, getting the cops called on us and all that. We were a completely different band back then as far as members, experience and just all around.

As of now I have moved to Vocals/Guitar since the departure of our former vocalist and after trying numerous people and not finding the right fit musically and personality wise, I stepped into the role.
As for the newer guys they are actually guys from the local scene. Jon Fryman has been a member of FOG OF WAR since the band started, and with him on hiatus from that, it was a "must" move to ask him. Travis Russey has also been in a slew of metal bands around the scene, most formally Zombie Holocaust. He is also a great new addition to the band and I must say the group is tighter than ever in many ways.

HJB: You guys just did that Madhouse show with Heathen & Skitzo recently, what other bands have you played with and who would be your ultimate band to tour with?

JULZ: The Heathen show was great. The club is cool and I’m glad we have another spot to do metal shows at. Good high stage, an upstairs area....My only wish is that it will turn to all ages. I think that place would explode!!!

We have played with countless bands...Locally FOG OF WAR, DEVASTATOR, ZH, DEKAPITATOR (RIP), HEATHEN, FORBIDDEN, TOXIC HOLOCAUST etc...

As for ultimate band to tour with I'd have to say TESTAMENT. They are one of if not my personal biggest influence in writing Hatchet material. They just have such a unique vibe to them.

HJB: YES!! TESTAMENT & HATCHET!!! I wanna go to that show! Speaking of shows...tell us you next upcoming shows.

JULZ: Well I just heard that we are gonna be supporting LAZZ ROCKIT & HEATHEN June 4th @ the Avalon Ballroom. Which I'm completely stoked for. And it’s gonna be ALL AGES!!!! WE also have our second run at MADHOUSE coming up March 4th and March 26 a good ole fashioned Thrash Fest at Gilman with Witchaven + Killbot!!!

So we are on a roll....

HJB: Thank you Julz!! I'm looking forward to seeing HATCHET again soon!!!

For more information go to Hatchet's Facebook page:  
Hatchet's Myspace page:

Also please come check out Hatchet with LD/50, Severed Fifth & Something Left Unsaid on Friday, March 4th at MADHOUSE:

Hatchet "Attack is Imminent" 2/4/11by John Ryus

Friday, February 11, 2011

February 2011 Hella Hawtie Jill Abbott

Late last year we lost a very beautiful person, Jill Abbott. We were "Facebook" friends and I saw her at many concerts in the Bay Area. Close, long time friends Devin Walker and Gaby Chickering shared insights about Jill. Heaven now has one more angel but we will always have Jill in our hearts.

1. What were her top three favorite bands and why? 
Top bands Slayer, Pantera and third is real tough, it would have to be a tie between Black Sabbath, Down, BLS, Elvis & Johnny Cash.

2. What was the first concert she attended or the first show you two went to together?
First concert for Jill was Motley Crue back around 83. First concert for us was Slayer in San Diego ( south of heaven tour).

3. What did she think about the music scene?
Music scene, hard question to answer for her but I think she would say that she loved the music scene first for the friendships she had made in it and second for the music.

4. What was the next show or few shows she was planning on attending?
As far as next show I have no idea, she would often just pop up with hey such & such is playing tonight lets go.

5. If she could meet anyone and ask a question, who would it be and what would she ask?
If she could meet anyone and ask a question, now that's a good one, there are a couple, First would be Lucille Ball & what make up do you use & does Ricky take out the garbage?  Second would be Elvis & if he was her boyfriend would he take out the garbage? Third would be Johnny Cash & how high's the water Johnny? I think Jill is laughing as I am typing this saying I nailed it.

A great day for Jill was going and feeding the ducks, spending some time working on the garden with Slayer cranked up and going for a bike ride. She had a very innocent and silly side to her that very few people knew or saw, I so wish that I had video of that side to show people the Jill that I knew, she was very protective of who she was and only let people see a small part of herself, with all of the tragedy that consumed her entire life she would still look for the best in people and could find a way to forgive people that I could never understand. She was deeply religious and on a daily basis would tell me not to say the lords name in vain. She carried the same bible around with her from 12 years old on and would read from it every day while listening to Slayer.

She loved the water and when she was young had swam in competitions that she set records in that still stand today 26 years later unbroken by later Olympic swimmers, when she was 12 she became the youngest female to swim to Alcatraz (she did it twice)!

Many do know but many don't, yes she was in Motley Crue's Girls, Girls, Girls video (I think she was 16 at the time), she was also in a couple other late 80's early 90s MTV Vid's for a former guitar player of Alice Cooper, Cane Roberts.

Daily for seven years out of Jill's hang out room I heard no less then 8 hours of Slayer, Pantera, Down, Johnny Cash, COC, BLS, Elvis, Exodus, Vio-lence, Motley Crue, Danzig, Black Sabbath, Machine Head, Static X, Testament, and yes Ratt. Jill loved music and never got tired of hearing the same songs and bands over and over everyday.

Being friends for 16 years and then in a relationship for seven years we saw each other at our best and worst. No matter what happened between us we never stopped loving one another, I have so many fond memories of Jill that I wish everyone that knew her could have had.

There is so much more, but I could write a book about her, time to sign off with a quote from Jill's Myspace page that I'll never forget:
"WE NEED TO BE THANKFUL FOR EVERYDAY WE WAKE UP, AND ENJOY LIFE....we never know when its our last day. So be kinder to your family and friends. Dont live in fear of things you are not sure of. GOTTA KEEP ON KEEPIN ON"!

Jill & I had pet names for each other, she called me Fred & I called her Wilma,
Thank you for the forgiveness in your heart Jill AKA "Wilma"
Love you always, Devin AKA "Fred"
Jill & Devin in 2001

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

KNOW YOUR ENEMIES! A quick chat with Ace Annese, Manager of SKINLAB

This morning I was fortunate enough to have the chance to catch up with the very busy Ace Annese, co-host/producer of Realty Check TV who happens to now be managing SF Bay Area metal greats, SKINLAB!

HJB: ACE!!! How have you been? What's up with you and what's up with SKINLAB?

ACE RCTV: Hi Jenn! I'm doing pretty well. Been busy as usual!

I suppose I should preface this by saying that I'm now managing SKINLAB...again. We briefly worked together previously, and have always been good friends, so when the chance came up again, I jumped on it. RCTV has done 2 videos for the guys, and we're shooting the upcoming show this Saturday night, Jan. 22nd at The Uptown in Oakland for a potential DVD release later in the year.

So, 2011 is looking like it'll be a big year. Our plan is to put out an EP with a couple new tunes, and maybe 5 tracks of "influences"--bands that have contributed to the Skinlab feel. The band's current label, STAND & DELIVER, will be putting it out, hopefully by the Spring. The band is doing a January 2011 "mini-tour", with 2 California dates and 4 dates in Oklahoma & Texas, which is the stomping ground of their new axe-slinger, Provo Provenzano. He was in a cool band called Rikets, and is a friend/fan of the band, who is fitting in well. Skinlab is also slated to perform at SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST in March, which should be fun. Then, we plan on more touring and a full-length record by the end of the year.

As far as Reality Check TV, we're approaching our 500th Episode, and our 20th Anniversary!

HJB: Congratulations on the new job! And congratulations on 20 years of Realty Check TV!!! Will the filming at the Skinlab show in Oakland be part of the 500th Episode? What are some of those "influences" on Skinlab?

ACE RCTV: As far as the 500th episode, not giving anything away yet. We'll just have to see!

Skinlab's influences are many and varied. Rest assured, however, there will be a Bay Area band or two who'll be represented!

Yes, being coy for the time being...

HJB: Okay, okay, ya can't blame me for trying!! What is like managing Skinlab? Are you going to Oklahoma & Texas with them?

ACE RCTV:  Skinlab is a veteran act, so they know the ropes, and that's good. They also seem to be ready to do whatever it takes to make stuff happen, which is always a good thing.

I will probably go to Modesto, but I don't think I'll be going to Texas. I plan to go with them in March to SXSW, which I've never been to, and I don't think they have been previously, either. As far as other touring, I hoping to be out with them as much as my schedule allows. Maybe double as Tour Manager to cut down on costs...who knows? I've done some touring with them before, and we had a blast. So, we'll have to see how that pans out. I just want to see them perform as much as possible--they are a crushing live band, and their new material is as brutal as ever. We're all excited to make good things happen!

HJB: YES!! I've been reading Steev Esquivel's status statements on Facebook and he seems to be getting back to his roots, ultra motivated and full of energy. I love that.

I know you refuse to spill the beans on the new tracks...but do you think they will play them at the upcoming shows?

And I'm also dying to hear how the AVN Awards were?

ACE RCTV: I'm not sure if they'll play the covers at shows--possibly after the EP comes out, they'll play some of them. That's more a question for the band. I'm more on the biz side, if ya catch my drift...

Now, as for AVN, we had way too much fun as always in Vegas. Reality Check TV goes every year to the Adult Entertainment Expo, and it's an excuse for us to see our pals, do interviews and have a great time doing it. Unfortunately we can't show/talk about everything we do there--it IS Vegas after all, and you know what they say...

HJB:  Well then we will just have to go to the shows and find out!! I am so looking forward to Saturday and the EP! Is there anything else you'd like to add?

ACE RCTV:  I suppose I should plug the SKINLAB websites:  for the music, and!/?sk=messages&tid=1370608883501  for the latest updates. To download, do the itunes thing: and for you smartphone junkies, try the page:

Essentially, Skinlab has something for every listening device...

RSVP to the 'Lab Event page for the Oakland show here:

The Tour dates are:
Thurs. Jan 20 - Fat Cat - Modesto,CA
Sat. Jan 22 - Uptown - Oakland, CA
Fri. Jan 28 - Bricktown Live - Oklahoma City, OK
Sat. Jan 29 - The Rail - Ft. Worth, TX
Sun. Jan 30 - Clicks - Tyler, TX

Now for Reality Check TV, I suppose is the best place to go. On Facebook, our page is here:

I also have a Twitter page:, and I recommend everyone who can't watch the (uncensored) cable TV version of RCTV (which airs EVERY Fri. nite at 1:00 AM --Sat. morning if you're using a DVR--on San Francisco Comcast cable ch. 29) on Mevio online at

A little bit later in the year, we'll have a big announcement for a planned extravaganza at a large venue in or around SF, which is tentatively planned for Oct. 1st. It'll tie-in to the 20th Anniversary, and be a mix of the stuff we love, with bands and burlesque!

Other than that, I want to express my thanks to everyone who supports me personally, as well as Reality Check TV, Skinlab and all of the projects/endeavors I/we are a part of. Nothing is any fun if people don't support it, and we've been very lucky to have great friends and fans--both Skinlab and RCTV. So, know that we appreciate it!

HJB: Thank you Ace!! Everybody near Modesto go check out SKINLAB, THURSDAY, January 20th at FAT CAT and all us here closer to SF we will see you SATURDAY, JANUARY 22nd at UPTOWN NIGHT CLUB!!   THANKS!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

January 2011 Hella Hawtie Lisa Cornett

Lisa Cornett aka PITBULL HAWTIE!!

1. What are your top three favorite bands and why?

Metallica, Machine Head and SLAYERRRR. Why ?
Metallica and Slayer got me through my teenage years. Metallica were my idols. From seeing them in small clubs in SF and being able to experience that time in the bay area with them was amazing, but more special to see where they are today .
Slayer just to me was the fastest, sickest, most amazing band EVER and still are!!
Machine Head blended some thrash and hardcore and made it their own. The lyrics and vocals with the rage.  They also came up with a new different sound I had never heard in guitar playing. Absolutely LOVE that. I could listen to these bands over and over. And me personally, I can't do that with most music.

2. What is the first concert you remember attending?

First concert I was 10 years old.  My big brother wanted me to experience a concert. Boy did I ever..It was Day On The Green with Journey, Santana and The Tubes. It was mesmerizing. From the vibe of the crowd, to the music plundering the coliseum, to the crowd with their lighters on in the dark, meanwhile the smell  of marijuana EVERYWHERE. Truly unforgettable and paved the way for my love of music. I shortly after that followed up with the Rolling Stones and J. Geils band in San Francisco, with my other older brother. It just snowballed from there. LOL.

3. What are your thoughts on the music scene?

My thoughts on the music scene. Today the music scene of my interest has made a great comeback. There are many punk and metal shows to attend. And promoters are busy booking a lot of shows. I think that's AWESOME.

4. What is the next show or few shows you plan on attending?

NAMM. It will be my first time going to NAMM. I'm going for the experience and spending time with friends.  I'm stoked to go and things are more grand and wonderful when your friends are there to share them. I'm also going to Ill Nino Jan 28th in Santa Rosa at The Last Day Saloon.

5. If you could meet anyone and ask a question, who would it be and what would you ask?
My question would be to a man who has passed, Wes Robinson.  He was an african american gentleman who promoted shows at Ruthies Inn . My question would be..What inspired him to promote the music he promoted at that time? Click here for more information about Wes Robinson.

As you can see in some of her photos, Lisa is a dog lover. She belongs to the United Kennel Club, The American Kennel Club and the Staffordshire Terrier Club of America. She owns an American Pitbull Terrier Bomber and two Champion American Staffordshire Terriers Vinnie and Meme. She is also involved in dog rescue. She also keeps up on BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) and was an activist against that legislation in California. Vinnie her American Staffordshire terrier was the first and only of his breed to achieve the Gold Award for Health.  She wrote an article for the Staffordshire Terrier Club of America on a neurological disease called cerrebular attaxia. At that time there was no test to diagnose dogs before breeding but now there is. Her future plans include a planned breeding this year. And when it comes to horses her father used to own and train Thoroughbred racehorses. Her brother currently owns a racehorse named Valdera that will be racing throughout Northern California. And when she has free time she loves to go riding.

THANK YOU LISA!!! Here's a little Machine Head in your honor...DAVIDIAN