Monday, February 28, 2011

Julz Ramos of HATCHET "Attack is Imminent"!

Julz Ramos of Northern California's Thrash Metal prodigy HATCHET gave us the latest on what's around the corner for these talented guys.

HJB: Hey Julz! How have things been going? What's going on with HATCHET?

JULZ: Things are actually going pretty well right now. We have some solid newer members, a good solid set of shows coming up for early 2011, and we've been working with some great people on getting the new hatchet material to some people that can actually do some things for us. So hopefully we get some things solidified here in the early to mid 2011.

We were stoked to share the stage with Heathen on Feb 4th and also coming up with Glen Alvelais' new band LD/50 on March 4th. Glad to be De-Christening the MADHOUSE and seeing it come alive into a metal haven.

HJB: We are all so glad too!!!! Thank you for being a part of it!!

So the first time I saw HATCHET was a couple of years ago at Thee Parkside in San Francisco. I assumed you guys were from the city, but when and where did you guys start? And tell us more about the newer guys.

JULZ: We first started back in 2006 as most metal bands do in a garage playing Metallica and Slayer covers, getting the cops called on us and all that. We were a completely different band back then as far as members, experience and just all around.

As of now I have moved to Vocals/Guitar since the departure of our former vocalist and after trying numerous people and not finding the right fit musically and personality wise, I stepped into the role.
As for the newer guys they are actually guys from the local scene. Jon Fryman has been a member of FOG OF WAR since the band started, and with him on hiatus from that, it was a "must" move to ask him. Travis Russey has also been in a slew of metal bands around the scene, most formally Zombie Holocaust. He is also a great new addition to the band and I must say the group is tighter than ever in many ways.

HJB: You guys just did that Madhouse show with Heathen & Skitzo recently, what other bands have you played with and who would be your ultimate band to tour with?

JULZ: The Heathen show was great. The club is cool and I’m glad we have another spot to do metal shows at. Good high stage, an upstairs area....My only wish is that it will turn to all ages. I think that place would explode!!!

We have played with countless bands...Locally FOG OF WAR, DEVASTATOR, ZH, DEKAPITATOR (RIP), HEATHEN, FORBIDDEN, TOXIC HOLOCAUST etc...

As for ultimate band to tour with I'd have to say TESTAMENT. They are one of if not my personal biggest influence in writing Hatchet material. They just have such a unique vibe to them.

HJB: YES!! TESTAMENT & HATCHET!!! I wanna go to that show! Speaking of shows...tell us you next upcoming shows.

JULZ: Well I just heard that we are gonna be supporting LAZZ ROCKIT & HEATHEN June 4th @ the Avalon Ballroom. Which I'm completely stoked for. And it’s gonna be ALL AGES!!!! WE also have our second run at MADHOUSE coming up March 4th and March 26 a good ole fashioned Thrash Fest at Gilman with Witchaven + Killbot!!!

So we are on a roll....

HJB: Thank you Julz!! I'm looking forward to seeing HATCHET again soon!!!

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Also please come check out Hatchet with LD/50, Severed Fifth & Something Left Unsaid on Friday, March 4th at MADHOUSE:

Hatchet "Attack is Imminent" 2/4/11by John Ryus

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