Monday, January 10, 2011

January 2011 Hella Hawtie Lisa Cornett

Lisa Cornett aka PITBULL HAWTIE!!

1. What are your top three favorite bands and why?

Metallica, Machine Head and SLAYERRRR. Why ?
Metallica and Slayer got me through my teenage years. Metallica were my idols. From seeing them in small clubs in SF and being able to experience that time in the bay area with them was amazing, but more special to see where they are today .
Slayer just to me was the fastest, sickest, most amazing band EVER and still are!!
Machine Head blended some thrash and hardcore and made it their own. The lyrics and vocals with the rage.  They also came up with a new different sound I had never heard in guitar playing. Absolutely LOVE that. I could listen to these bands over and over. And me personally, I can't do that with most music.

2. What is the first concert you remember attending?

First concert I was 10 years old.  My big brother wanted me to experience a concert. Boy did I ever..It was Day On The Green with Journey, Santana and The Tubes. It was mesmerizing. From the vibe of the crowd, to the music plundering the coliseum, to the crowd with their lighters on in the dark, meanwhile the smell  of marijuana EVERYWHERE. Truly unforgettable and paved the way for my love of music. I shortly after that followed up with the Rolling Stones and J. Geils band in San Francisco, with my other older brother. It just snowballed from there. LOL.

3. What are your thoughts on the music scene?

My thoughts on the music scene. Today the music scene of my interest has made a great comeback. There are many punk and metal shows to attend. And promoters are busy booking a lot of shows. I think that's AWESOME.

4. What is the next show or few shows you plan on attending?

NAMM. It will be my first time going to NAMM. I'm going for the experience and spending time with friends.  I'm stoked to go and things are more grand and wonderful when your friends are there to share them. I'm also going to Ill Nino Jan 28th in Santa Rosa at The Last Day Saloon.

5. If you could meet anyone and ask a question, who would it be and what would you ask?
My question would be to a man who has passed, Wes Robinson.  He was an african american gentleman who promoted shows at Ruthies Inn . My question would be..What inspired him to promote the music he promoted at that time? Click here for more information about Wes Robinson.

As you can see in some of her photos, Lisa is a dog lover. She belongs to the United Kennel Club, The American Kennel Club and the Staffordshire Terrier Club of America. She owns an American Pitbull Terrier Bomber and two Champion American Staffordshire Terriers Vinnie and Meme. She is also involved in dog rescue. She also keeps up on BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) and was an activist against that legislation in California. Vinnie her American Staffordshire terrier was the first and only of his breed to achieve the Gold Award for Health.  She wrote an article for the Staffordshire Terrier Club of America on a neurological disease called cerrebular attaxia. At that time there was no test to diagnose dogs before breeding but now there is. Her future plans include a planned breeding this year. And when it comes to horses her father used to own and train Thoroughbred racehorses. Her brother currently owns a racehorse named Valdera that will be racing throughout Northern California. And when she has free time she loves to go riding.

THANK YOU LISA!!! Here's a little Machine Head in your honor...DAVIDIAN

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  1. Great pictures! You truly are a person with a warm heart not only for your family and friends, but for those four legged friends we all love! Glad and fortunate to have you as a friend!